Die Plesierboot… is waiting for you. Or, why I love wikipeida

Image “friends, fellow-bloggers, wiki-worshippers and television-lovers, please be my guest today, and enjoy what has got to be one of the best lists on the internet”

WIKIPEDIA!  Where else can you instantaneously get a list of all the countries that ever syndicated the 1980’s hit television series “The Love Boat”,  along with – wait for it – a list of every single translation of the title, translated right back into its literal meaning in English?  Boom!  I’m torn to choose a favourite between the beautifully underplayed “Vacaciones en el mar” (‘Holidays on the sea’),  and the filthy-sounding South African, “Die Plesierboot”.  *squirm!* (Although why they dubbed it into Afrikaans, rather than just borrowing the Netherlands’ subtitles is beyond me- isn’t it the same language?

It’s also interesting to see how many countries omitted the laugh track, instantly changing the sitcom into a drama!

Finding this today (after hours of mindless blogging and facebooking and eventually deciding to search for a ‘love boat’ image to accompany my sailor-joke blog from two weeks ago) was like finding a golden treasure in the otherwise meme-saturated world of the internet. My only wish is that I went to more parties- this sort wikipedia trivia makes for a great ice-breaker.

So, friends, fellow-bloggers, wiki-worshippers and television-lovers, please be my guest today, and enjoy what has got to be one of the best lists on the internet.  Here, I share with you, my little chunk of time well-wasted, my little pot of gold.


International Syndication of The Love Boat 

Country Foreign title Translation Network(s) Notes
 Australia The Love Boat None Nine Network(1978–86)
Eleven (2011–)
 Canada The Love Boat First-run syndication
 Cyprus To ploio tis agapis
(The Ship of Love)
Subtitled CyBC
 Denmark The Love Boat Subtitled Kanal 2
 Finland Lemmenlaiva
(Ship of Love)
Subtitled MTV3
 France Canada La croisière s’amuse
(The Fun Cruise)
Dubbed FR3TVA As usual in France, the laugh track was omitted in the French synchronisation which made this a romantic telenovela-like series rather than a sitcom
 Germany Love Boat Dubbed Sat.1
Tele 5
Premiere (pay television network)
Originally shown on Sat.1 and later on Tele 5, 9Live, Premiere, and Anixe.
The laugh track was omitted
 Gibraltar Love Boat GBC TV Hugely popular in Gibraltar, with The Love Boat (the real one) having berthed at Gibraltar Port various times over the years
 Greece Το Πλοίο της Αγάπης
(The Ship of Love)
Subtitled ERT
 Hungary Szerelemhajó
(Love Ship)
Dubbed Movies 24 Aired in 2010; The laugh track was omitted
 Israel ספינת האהבה
(The Love Boat)
Subtitled IBA
 Italy Love Boat Dubbed Mediaset First run on Canale 5, beginning in 1980; reruns on Canale 5, Rete 4, SkyVivo, FoxRetro, Raidue; In Italy, the laugh track was omitted
 Netherlands The Love Boat Subtitled VARA and laterRTL4
 Norway Kjærlighetsskipet
(The Love Ship)
Subtitled TV2 (1994–96)
 Philippines The Love Boat None GMA Network
 Poland Statek miłości
(The Love Boat)
Dubbed TVP2
 Portugal Barco do Amor
(The Love Boat)
Subtitled RTP 1
Sic Gold
Sic Comédia
RTP 1 (first run) in 1980s
RTP 2 (rerun) in 1980s and early 1990s as possible choice of phone-vote selection programAgora Escolha
Sic Gold (reruns)
Sic Comédia (reruns)
 Slovakia Loď lásky
(Love Ship)
Dubbed Tv Joj
 South Africa Die Plesierboot
(The Pleasure Boat)
Dubbed in Afrikaans TV2
 South Korea 사랑의 유람선
(Cruise ship of Love)
Dubbed MBC
 Thailand เรือรัก เรือสำราญ
(Ship of Love, Ship of Fun)
Dubbed TV3
 Spain Vacaciones en el mar
(Sea Holidays)
Dubbed Televisión Española (first run)
 Sweden Kärlek ombord
(Love on Board)
Subtitled TV4
 Taiwan 愛之船
(The Boat of Love)
Subtitled CTV
 Turkey Aşk Gemisi
(The Love Boat)
Dubbed TRT 1 (first run)
Show TV(reruns)
 Venezuela Mexico El Crucero del Amor
(The Boat of Love)
Dubbed Venezolana de TelevisiónUnknown The show was dubbed in Mexico for Latin America and, with the exception here marked, is known as “El Crucero del Amor” (The Cruise Ship of Love). Also the laugh track was omitted.


2 thoughts on “Die Plesierboot… is waiting for you. Or, why I love wikipeida

  1. Hi
    I’m a South African living in Scotland. Enjoyed your post! The SABC (South African Broadcasting Corporation) never used sub-titles- they dubbed everything. The Six Million Dollar Man was called “Man van Staal” (Man of Steel). We had a few French and German programmed also dubbed into Afrikaans. The SABC had equal time for English and Afrikaans TV programmes , for political reasons.
    We didn’t see any British programme as there was an actors trade union boycott due to apartheid. Many Eropean countries also boycotted South Africa, so I doubt whether Holland would have allowed South Africa to use their sub-titles. Also I don’t think this would have been acceptable – the Dutch spelling is quite different to Afrikaans and would have been off-putting to viewers.

    • Thanks for your comment, Reinet! Very interesting information! I have an 8 year old here in Halifax, and she watches all her Netflix movies with subtitles. I love watching for the subtitle errors. Have a great day! 😉

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