#Halimazing – It Means Amazing People, Things or Experiences in Halifax, Nova Scotia

#Halimazing - Halimazing is a new hashtag to describe an amazing person, thing or experience in Halifax, Nova Scotia

I have created a brand new hashtag: #Halimazing!

It’s like “Halifamous”, which means “famous in Halifax”. I don’t know who coined the term Halifamous but it was definitely developed before the hashtag culture, and it is a useful term to describe folks that are well-known until the moment they leave Halifax…when they become just another one of the many billion people in the world who are not famous in any way.

#Halimazing, on the other hand, is a little more general and can be used to celebrate unique, amazing people and things in Halifax, or to describe a positive Halifax experience. If everyone starts using #Halimazing, It would be really #Halimazing.

A few years ago I started using the term #weblishing – which I take to mean “publishing on the web”. I was shocked to learn that hardly anyone else in the world uses this great made-up word in this way!

Sometimes my family makes up words for me. Last year, I was “Mumbo Jumbo”, a term I found NOT so amazing, despite the fact that I am indeed a plus-sized beauty. Family members can be such arseholes sometimes, can’t they?

Have you ever made a made-up word? Has your family made up a stupid word for you? Please share!

xo EastCoastMum

One thought on “#Halimazing – It Means Amazing People, Things or Experiences in Halifax, Nova Scotia

  1. I day dream everyday about living/visiting Halifax. I would love to maybe live there someday but I hear it’s hard to find a job and find an affordable place to live in. I wonder also what’s it like living there when you have no car. Is the bus system great? Hopefully someday I’ll get there :)

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