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Hi, I’m East Coast!

After months of random blogging, website building and internet research, I have finally decided on a permanent domain name for this blog, which will establish my identify me as a unique and serious Mama-blogger!  The British half of me refused to have anything like “Mom” or “Mommy” in my title, so it had to be Mum.  And I am writing from the East Coast, so…

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I hesitated when I discovered that there was an East Coast Mommy out there (in fact, she lives nearby!), but then I had a look at her site, and decided our respective styles were sufficiently unique that we could have similar names without sparring. Then I thought, you know… there are a few other Helen Earley’s out there…and I’m not running around trying to think of a new original name for myself… so, then I totally chilled out about it. East Coast Mum sounds good- and most importantly,  it was available!

But in order to establish a unique identity, there has to be more.  Now I need to tell my growing audience what to expect from me.  A reader should be able to know right away whether a blog is of interest to them. Here are some examples of well-established blog brands that work:

SCARY MOMMY: A Parenting Community for Imperfect Parents

NOT ANOTHER MUMMY BLOG: * It totally is another mummy blog

SWAGGER: Style, Pride, Luxury

But what about me? I am stressed out, disorganized and a little bit fat. I drink too much, and bicker with my husband nearly every day. I guess I’m like your new best friend. You know, the one you love going out with because in comparison, she makes you look good? So, then:

EAST COAST MUM: I drink too much and bicker with my husband

EAST COAST MUM: How to make money and lose weight in Nova Scotia, even when you are suffering from mild depression because you are certain both tasks are totally impossible.

Hmmmm… It seems I still have some work to do. And if you are creating an identity that is too close to your genuine identity, so do you. It is important to remember that people don’t really want to meet you- they want to visit your website and gain something, whether it is information, advice- or a sense of comfort. In all those cases, you must remain professional when blogging, and unless your entire site is humorous or ironic, go easy on the abject honesty and dry humour. Not everyone is going to get it, and a few of your potential readers, clickers and shoppers may actually be turned off.  Be kind to your customers!

In the posts that follow I will be talking more about site content, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), how to verify and register your site with Google, and how to use guest blogging and youtube videos to drive traffic to your site. I will also be thinking about changing my WordPress Theme (any advice welcome). These are all things that I am learning as I go along, so why not learn together?

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