Mummy Blogging: Total Confusion between and

OK. Mass confusion in my world this morning, regarding WordPress .com and .org.

Here’s the situation: I am interested in upgrading my wordpress blog (this one!) so that I can have more control over advertising space. My web guru Lisa Irby keeps plugging Studio Press Genesis…and indeed I have seen the Genesis Framework cited in the footer of several successful Mummy Blogs. So I am thinking, yeah, that looks good, but do I upgrade now or later?

Let’s keep in mind that in the background, I am running a cute little website called Fun Printables for Kids  with host, Weebly which is a one-stop shop for free hosting and site design. You have a lot of freedom there, and so I have really been enjoying the creative, and social process of building a site. In my webby world, it feels like being in business class, versus economy.

But I wanted to stay with wordpress for the blog.

So I have this conversation below with a helper/chatter person at and what I find out is totally confusing. Word and are totally separate? How could I be active online since March, and not realize this????

This affects everything I do from now on. If I want to be a serious blogger, should I spend the money, and take the time to copy all my content over to the genesis framework…or am I being conned?  Can I survive just as well in the free world, perhaps adding some upgrades? Or, should I turf it all in, and move my blog to my beloved weebly. Did I mention, I love weebly?  (And you know, I am too much of a newbie to have any kind of affiliate link, so trust me – I truly love weebly!)

Anyway, friends, I  welcome emails and comments on this. PLEASE!!! And- does anyone know the history of the split? I assume that at one time, and were connected?

Below is the transcript, complete with my aha! moment. Thanks for reading. Please comment, and follow- and stay with me on my blogging journey!!  x Helen


→OK. Great. another question regarding upgrade, if you don’t mind! :)


Chase – Sure, go for it


→Want to upgrade to studio pres genesis theme, from expound. Can all my content be copied over, or does it have to go manually. Do I lose anything?


Chase – You mean you’re switching for to a self-hosted site?


→Oh…uh oh. I don’t know the difference


Chase – Well it’s not possible to upload a theme here at, and I don’t believe we have any StudioPress themes in our repository already


→What is the difference?


Chase –


→Ok. thanks. I think I may have a blog topic here! LOL. Thanks for your help, Chase. :)


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