Moving to Canada? This Realtor Has a Keen Sense of Humour – and a Great Sense of Marketing!

Moving to Canada Let me Sell your Home

Photo: Jeff Cooke Real Estate

This South Carolina realtor has a keen sense of humour – and a great sense of marketing.

“Moving to Canada? We Can Sell Your Home” is more than South Carolina Real Estate Agent’s idea of a good chuckle. Jeff Cooke of Jeff Cooke Real Estate prides his team on their funny and slightly in-your-face billboards, boasting that “as the years go by, my team continues to work hard to create great new content to plaster all over Charleston”. The Jeff Cooke team tested the waters on social media, before commissioning the billboards all over the firm’s market area.

The “Moving to Canada” billboard shows both US presidential candidates, with the caption “Moving to Canada? We Can Sell Your Home”.The campaign appears to be aimed at Americans who say that they’re moving to Canada if Trump wins.

And yes, this is a genuine thing.

It was possibly a Cape Bretoner who made the “Canada if Trump Wins” phenomenon take hold.  Radio DJ Rob Calabrese started the Cape Breton if Trump Wins website as a lighthearted project, but it  brought enough internet traffic and phone calls to the Island, that the Cape Breton Tourism association, Destination Cape Breton, had to hire 5 extra staff, just to handle the traffic. Referred to as the “Trump Bump”, Cape Bretoners are delighted with the increased interest in their beautiful communities.

Plaster on, Jeff! We love your latest campaign!


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  1. I day dream everyday about living/visiting Halifax. I would love to maybe live there someday but I hear it’s hard to find a job and find an affordable place to live in. I wonder also what’s it like living there when you have no car. Is the bus system great? Hopefully someday I’ll get there :)

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