Six things I am learning about weblishing

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So…. I took a little break from blogging  and started up this website:  a growing collection of printable colouring pages, hand-drawn…by me!  It’s just starting up, so don’t expect much in terms of content…yet, but please, do visit!

Part of my plan is to follow my lifelong dream of writing/illustrating for children. It is very gratifying to think that somewhere in the world, some children I have never met could be busy colouring in my pictures!  However, the main idea is to eventually have lots of traffic on the site, and make enough money from advertising revenue that I won’t have to work full time.  My cousin runs a similar site and makes a decent living. She’s been doing it for over a decade, so not only does she know exactly what she’s doing, but more importantly, Google knows what she’s doing. She’s a top hit….and you should see this site. It’s nothing fancy, just text rich, reliable, click-able stuff.

So, one week into my own project, here is what I have learned.

1. WEEBLY is awesome.  If you want a great, easy website builder, I totally recommend It’s a drag and drop platform, with plenty of opportunities to chuck in your own html coding, tags and um…stuff… you know, that stuff that is important for the google robots! The sites look nice. They are free, with some options for upgrade (I am currently paying for my own domain name and the starter package). Weebly provides a good stats page, although irritatingly, it counts the traffic from your own computer (I prefer the word press stats page). Most of all, Weebly is fun.

2. SEO is important. Search Engine Optimization is the name of the game, and anyone who wishes to have a presence on the web really needs to know a little bit about it. I am just learning, and it’s a steep curve, but I am determined to learn how to talk to the robots.

3. ‘Spoonful’ is Irritating  There’s a Disney blog out there (seems to always show up just below a Nickelodeon blog) and it’s designed to look like a Mummy-blog, but it’s not. It’s just a load of Disney crap and somehow it’s made it to number 2 in every search for “printables for kids”. I keep finding it in searches and I want it to go away. Which brings me to number four…

4. There is a lot of low-quality art out there: Through researching the online printable colouring page market, I can tell you that there is a paucity of original printable colouring pages for children. Most of it is boring commercial or branded stuff, and none of it very interesting. I really believe I have found a niche. We’ll just have to wait and see if people actually WANT original art for their kids to colour, and whether families and preschools like my stuff. I hope so!

5. Mums and Teachers love Pinterest: It seems to me that all the teachers and parents I know are glued to pinterest. This is good news for a Mummy blogger. That means I know where my audience is. So this week I began  pinning picture from my own site, onto my own pinterest page. I would advise anyone who is looking to assert their online presence in the Mummy-world to get a couple of Pinterest pages – and pin away!

6. It takes time to build up traffic: All the strategic writing and coding in the world won’t reward you right away. It takes time for Google to trust you. Patience! With time, all good things will come.

That’s about all for now. More later . In the meantime, please visit funprintablesfor

x Helen

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