5 new words for the newbie blogger

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I haven’t blogged regularly on WordPress since the inception of my new website: www.funprintablesforkids.com which is keeping me busy, and actually doing quite well, in terms of ROI (Return on Investment).  That isn’t saying much, considering that my initial investment was under a tenner, but then again,  maybe it says a lot: how many small businesses do you know that have such a low overhead?

How am I making my millions, you ask? Well, firstly it’s not milions. It’s under 30 dollars in six weeks…but it’s all gained from advertising clicks. Considering that I only have about 5% of the content of my website complete (The ‘product’ I am offering is kids’ colouring pages; I have many thousands of sessions with a Sharpie marker ahead), this is hopeful. Will I have twenty times as much interest, engagement and revenue once my site is bursting with content?  Let’s hope so!

The next question that most of my friends ask me is: How do you know about all this web-stuff?

The answer is: I know virtually NOTHING!  I am learning! And the learning curve has been steep.

In the next few weeks, I hope to share some of my journey with you. But in the meantime, here is a little glossary to get you started. This list contains phrases and words that were completely foreign to me before I began blogging. If you are a budding online writer, I hope this helps you!

-SEO: Search Engine Optimization: Basically, this is a term for the methods used to get Google (or other search engines)  to recognise and rank your site. The end goal is that web users will type in what they want to find, and (if you have it), you will pop up in a search- hopefully in the first few pages of results, not on the 385 millionth one.

-Google Adsense: The branch of google that allows you to place other people’s ads on your website. You type in some code, the ad pops up, and you receive a few pennies every time someone clicks.

-Affiliate Advertising: You place an ad on your site, and you make commission from any resulting sales. If you look on my site, some of the ads are google and some are affiliates, but you won’t be able to tell which is which. They all just look like ads!  I use a third party advertiser called Rakuten Linkshare.

-Google Adwords: You write a small ad, and offer a fixed or ongoing amount to Google. Google then places the ad on webpages which are visited by your audience.

Google Analytics: You get to look at all the statistics for your site, including exactly where your audience is. Today I had several visitors from Brazil. Is it possible that someone looked at my website during the World Cup final?  How flattering that would be (and not surprising- it was hardly a riveting match, poor Brazil).

-Google Webmaster Tools– You provide Google with a site map, and instruct the robots to trawl your site. I think of it as the internet getting to know you, so it can recommend you to others.

Well, that’s a start. You may have realise by now that my title is somewhat of a gimmick. I am actually quite tired of those facebook “amazeballs” posts. I never watch them.

Anyway, More Information (and more gimmicks?) later. Stick with me!



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